The Perfect Angle for Any Shoot

Have you ever taken a picture that was just the most perfect angle of you that you’ve ever seen? I’m talking about that angle which suddenly makes your face look slim, your hair look great, perfect chest, etc. etc. Today we’re going to discuss that perfect angle that everyone is looking for.

First off we’ve got the “above and to the side” angle. As you can see to the left, this is a very flattering angle. Of course it doesn’t hurt that this girl is gorgeous… But as you can see, her arm is extended for this picture which gives definition. Her neck is also slightly extended while she turns her head, giving more definition to her jaw line and neck. This angle is one of the best angles that you can take a picture. Just about anybody will look good in a picture at this angle, and with just about any camera (although this is a selfie, and you couldn’t accomplish this same picture with a DSLR). The only downfall to this angle is that it’s the obvious choice. Anybody and everybody who takes a selfie can use this angle.

In this next angle you can see we’ve taken away the obviousness of the first picture, however we accomplish a very similar result. Rather than angling the camera, this girl has moved her head slightly down and to the side while taking a straight on shot. Again, it doesn’t hurt to have someone beautiful to photograph, but you get the idea. The downfall to this angle is that if you’re heavier set (a bit overweight) you’ll likely create a double chin when angling your head downward. For heavier set people, the first angle would work much better. If you’re skinny, this angle works perfect for you. Much better than the first in fact. It also helps that this is a great angle for any photographer to shoot their subject.

The “obscure angle” (as you can see in this photo) is an interesting one. Here we have a girl who has taken an unflattering angle (a shot from below) and managed to hide it with the fact that the camera is slightly sideways. The illusion that is created here is that of a distraction. Your attention is driven to the fact that the picture is slightly sideways.

In this picture the girl is not obese, so¬† it isn’t really drawing attention to her chin. For an obese person it might do that. The obscure angle works best in combination with the “up and to the side” angle. It can be a bit much, but it will sure hide a lot of ugly. Give it a try next time you’re taking a selfie and see how much your angles will distract the view from the actual subject. It’s almost as though it makes their brain work to hard to appreciate what they’re looking at.

Those are our votes for the top 3 best selfie angles. Stay tuned with us and check in frequently for other selfie and photography tips. We plan to post at some point on the topic of the worst angles too!