Ghosty Photographer

harry photographerThere was once a man who was the most amazing and most famous photographer in the world. He came from Austria to conquer the photographic industry in America. His name was Sven, but everyone called him “Strong big photographer man”. It was really strange when people said it though, because it’s such a long name!

Sven liked to worked with Cannon cameras. He said that they were superior for shooting photography in dimly lit areas. He said that his Cannon had the best f-stop functionality of any camera on the market. He would use it all day to prove a point. His point was that he could shoot photography in any place no matter how the lighting was, and show that he was the best photographer who ever lived.

One day Sven went on a backpacking photography trip in Antarctica. It was so cold there. He was there to shoot pictures of the abominable snowman. He was gone for 3 weeks with no communication back to America. Everyone thought he was dead!

5 years later a letter was sent to the New York Times. It was from Sven! The letter had an image enclosed, and that photo was of the abominable snowman! It was shot out to every major news publisher in the world. But where on Earth was Sven?

Dr. Schmeghal of Gutenberg went on a journey out to the deep dark Antarctica to find Sven. Weeks had gone by with no luck. Dr. Schmeghal was eating ramen noodles and blocks of ice. He also loved to shoot photography and did so with his amazing Nikon camera.

While he was out there he shot a lot of wedding photography, headshots and some fashion shoots.

Then there he was! Sven was a ghost! As it turns out, Sven was dead all along…

The moral of the story is: Don’t go to Antarctica. It’s way too cold.


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